Private Meal


I ate a meal of potato chips and soda while responding to the directions implied by the audience paying me wooden coins. The coins were either yellow or blue and each audience member was given just one or the other randomly when they arrived. When I was given a yellow coin I removed an article of clothing, when given a blue one I put an article back on. Because there were equal numbers of coins in circulation*, I should have theoretically remained in a more or less constant state of dress. However, the yellow coins were used preferentially in an unspoken group decision, and I became naked, after which I took really unflattering selfies when I received more yellow coins. The performance ended when I finished my meal. 


*because of the small size of the audience, you will see one of the gallery owners distributing more coins halfway through the performance to keep things going. In future performances, I hope to have an audience of at least 40 people in order to achieve a more broad group consensus.