Halloween 2017

Preparations for the performance.


Flamenco performed to The Question of U, by Prince. It was too dark to take video but these live photos worked great (though pretty brief).

insecta 1.jpg
insecta 2.jpg
insecta 3.jpg
insecta 4.jpg
insecta 5.jpg

october 8


beautiful view from my studio

my apartment is also awesome


October 6


early morning commute

Dawn from our kitchen window

These alien plant invasion pods fall from the trees in one spot downtown.


On a less spectacular note, some puttering in the studio with paper and an exacto

September 28


Stirling Castle

These chips are ok, not as good as they sound. The rest of these pictures should speak for themselves. I should mention that the tower in the distance is a monument to William Wallace and that tree filled ridge is where the Scottish soldiers stormed down to trounce the English below. And now the granddaughter of guy from Aberdeen can come over from the states and eat chips flavored with sheep stomach, gazing over it's storied splendor - we come full circle.


holy hell

kitchen of the uncanny, smells included


September 19


Kathy Wilkes at the Tramway

View from the back of the apartment


Glasgow first week


New studio at the Glasgow School of Art

View from the window

"Yes" march, Monday September 15